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Concussion Management

Concussion Care in Thunder Bay

Aside from her post-graduate clinical training, Ally has pursued further education in a Concussion Management & Rehabilitation Program that provides up-to-date research and tools to Healthcare Practitioners throughout Canada. They use evidence-informed concussion assessment and rehabilitation strategies for patients suffering from concussions and post concussion syndrome.  At your initial consultation, she will go over neurological testing, balance and gait assessment, visual motor skills screening, vestibular testing, and orthopedic assessment of secondary injuries (i.e. neck, shoulders) - with the goal of getting you back to your daily lifestyle while mitigating symptoms! Concussions, like any other physical injury, should be properly managed and rehabilitated - especially when symptoms persist beyond the first few days.  

Things to Remember:

  1.  Concussion symptoms may be immediate, but could also be delayed by several hours or even days. The earlier the health intervention, the better the outcome!

  2.  Direct head contact is not required to sustain a concussion.

  3.  In most, full recovery is expected within 3 months, however Persistent Post-Concussion Symptoms (PPCS) refers to when symptoms persist beyond the expected recovery time-frame.

  4.  Standard neuroimaging (MRI/CT) do not capture or diagnose a concussion. However, imaging is good to rule out other severe conditions.

  5.  It is normal to feel frustrated, sad, or angry during your recovery especially if you cannot return to sports, work, or academic activities right away. Speak with a health care provider to determine what is safe for your circumstances.


  • headache

  • dizziness, nausea, vomiting

  • light/sound sensitivity

  • balance problems

  • visual changes

  • fatigue/drowsiness

  • sleep difficulties

  • difficulty concentrating, "fogginess"

  • memory problems

  • distress, anxiety

  • depression, irritability, aggression/anger

404 Vickers St. South

Thunder Bay, ON

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